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Andropause (male menopause)



Andropause, to put it in perspective, is the natural decline in male hormones, just as menopause is the natural decline in female hormones. Typically, there begins a decline in the hormones around age 30. By the time you are in your 40's, many people begin to experience symptoms. The list below are some of the main symptoms.



If you experience one or more of the following symptoms, please contact us for more information about testing and how you can bring your hormone levels back to a stable level.




                                     Burned Out Feeling                               Decreased Strength


                                     Abdominal Fat                                       Decreased Stamina


                                     Prostate Problems                                Difficulty Sleeping


                                     Decreased Urine Flow                          Irritability


                                     Increased Urinary Urge                        Depression


                                     Decreased Mental Clarity                     Hot Flashes


                                     Erectile Dysfunction                              Night Sweats


                                     Decreased Sex Drive                            Poor Concentration

Men who decide to optimize their hormones have increased libido, increased energy, decreased fat, improved sleep, improved mood, better control of cholesterol and blood pressure and have an overall improvement in their quality of life.


The medical literature support that facts that men who optimize their hormones reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke, improve their cholesterol, strengthen their immune system, reduce bone loss, reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease and dementia and also reduce the risk of many cancers.


Are you in the "Normal Range" or Optimal?


There is a major difference between traditional and functional medicine. Traditional medicine teaches that you do not treat something until it breaches outside of the "normal" range of laboratory values. Many men have their testosterone levels checked only to be told they are still in the normal range and nothing is wrong. What is wrong is that you are being evaluated with laboratory values that are not optimal values. Your best levels of testosterone were in the later teenage years to early 20's. Your current laboratory values are indicating what your testosterone level should be for your current age. But your optimal level was left behind years ago and you will not be treated until you go out of bounds from those levels. In the mean time, you will feel horrible with many of the symptoms in the above list.


As a Functional Medicine practice our goal is to treat you to optimal levels, to treat your symptoms and not your lab, and to balance all your hormones. There are more hormones than just testosterone, and only testing for and treating testosterone is not balancing you to optimal levels for optimal health or performance.



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